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Today, I’d like to share with you a little bit of my story—my ups and downs and my journey in the financial industry. If you know who I am, I’m sure you’d know what I’ve gone through. But this article is for the people who are stuck, the people who may not know what to do next or what to expect, career-wise.

First, let me introduce myself. People call me Andrea, or MrsYeap on Instagram, though I much prefer the moniker, Andrea. Before I became a Financial Consultant, I was a Remiser. I have been in the financial industry for the past 13 years and I love every minute of it.

I once read a YouGov article that says half of Singaporeans work in jobs unrelated to their field. Well, I’m living proof that you don’t have to work in the industry of your educational history. When we’re younger, we may not necessarily know what we want in life, so knowing what to study for a career path may be difficult for most. Look at me, for example, I studied actuarial science, which is somehow related to the field I’m in but different from the line of work that I do.

So, if you think about it, nothing is set in stone. I’m always open to trying new things—I pole dance and even became Mrs Singapore! Therefore, if you want to venture into another field, I say go ahead!

My first job…

The first job that I had was as a Remiser at UOB Kay Hian. Back then, I was always glued to my desk managing and advising clients on how to grow their funds. It was basically a desk-bound job. To be honest, the start of my career in the financial industry was challenging. Prospecting clients and approaching cold leads have always been my bane. It was extremely tough for me at the time and it was not something that I’d expect myself to overcome. But I did overcome those challenges by learning how to network. I finally stopped following the crowd and just do what works best for me—and that has worked favourably.

However, in 2011, I was stricken with cancer. I was pregnant then and was still at my previous job in UOB. Battling cancer was not easy, but I fought through it with all my might. I was also lucky to be surrounded by people who truly love and care for me. After the ordeal, it gave me a deeper love for life—I learnt to be more appreciative of the gifts given to me and to be more grateful for everything that happens, good or bad. So much so that during my time in Prudential, I managed to work at a roadshow while being heavily pregnant! Haha. But it was memorable, nevertheless. Some of the most memorable experiences, I’d say. I was just starting in the insurance industry and was constantly prospecting. I can say that being a cancer survivor has tremendously helped me grow as a person.

What influenced my decision to become a Financial Consultant?

I was initially lured by the prospect of a flexible working schedule. However, it has evolved into a love for my client’s well-being. I now understand how important my job is because this job has allowed me to ensure those around me are protected to the best of their knowledge

My goal as a Financial Consultant is to have my clients recognise me as their go-to person for financial advice and planner for their wealth. I greatly appreciate all my clients and I hope they feel the same way about me too! I wish for them to grow financially with me because I would love to walk with them every step of the way.

For many of you who are figuring out your career path, I’d like to inform you that this career path is immensely rewarding. However, bear in mind that with every reward comes the initial uphill struggle. People will tell you that this isn’t a real job and some people may avoid you at the start. But stay strong, stay true to your course, always have your compass facing North, and follow it with your heart. 

If you’d like to learn more about this job, get in touch with me.