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Here’s a fun fact… Did you know that pole dancing is not just for the ladies? Pole dancing is a healthy and fun sport for people to get fit. Having pole danced for many years, I find that this sport is an art form that should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their gender, shape or size. Let me share with you how I got into pole dancing and why I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Why I pole dance

It challenges my limits

Do you know how long a pole dancing routine takes? It depends on the duration of the song, but typically, it takes around four to five minutes. And this short duration is enough to test your body to its limit. Every energy and time spent on practising the routine will build up your core muscles and strengthen your body. This sport is a great way for you to develop your endurance and challenge yourself.

Fear is all in the mind

Sometimes, it is so hard to shake off your fears. I often worry that my false expectations might appear real and that they will somehow affect my well-being. But as I pole dance and have control over my body and mind, I now understand that fear is all in the mind. Other than making your body stronger over time, pole dancing also helps you release endorphins or happy hormones, which in turn, helps lessen stress and anxiety.

There’s always something new to look forward to

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with work and need some time to myself, I pole dance. As mentioned before, pole dancing is a stress reliever. I just need to choose a track and dance to it! And there is so much more to pole dancing than just dancing—it helps with muscle burning, body flexibility, body strength, and many more. Be it a twirl, a crawl, or a crunch, pole dancing blends elements of dance, acrobatics, and athleticism. So, if you are looking for a fun new challenge, this is your call!

All body shapes are equal

Our body is constantly changing. And there are times when my confidence is shaken, where I do not feel like I am being and looking my best self. But pole dancing changes the way I see myself because this sport has proven to me that all body shapes are equal. I started pole dancing with a lot of questions, worries, and self-doubts. But today, I am feeling more confident than ever. Pole dancing brings about positive changes to my mind and body, it builds my self-esteem, motivates, and empowers me to feel better about myself every day.

Getting to know many new friends

One of the best things about pole dancing is the diversity of its community. When it comes to pole dancing, everyone is welcome. You don’t have to know how to dance or own a pole to join this community. I have personally made so many friends with my fellow pole dancers. You will meet people from all walks of life with the same goals as you—to be healthier, stronger, and more confident. And because these people are accepting, they will never make you feel left out. When you join a pole dancing community, you will find only positivity, optimism, and support.

People are often stereotypical about pole dancing but it is actually an internationally recognised sport. It helps people develop endurance, fitness, strength, and creativity. It is an overall fulfilling sport. As a pole dancer myself, I have no intentions of quitting because this sport has changed the way I view myself and how I take care of my mind and body. 

No matter how caught up you are with work, it’s important to take some time off to yourself. For me, pole dancing has helped me tremendously in separating myself from work. In fact, it readies me to seize a new day, meet new people, and work harder. If you’re up for a challenge, why not give pole dancing a try? 

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